Quality Products

We offer a variety of quality products including Minerals, Feeds, Food Plot Blends and Straight Seed.


  • Forth Seed Mineral Block

    Forth Seed’s Mineral Block is a block form mineral that utilizes the same quality, flavor and aroma technology found in its Forth Seed’s Mineral . Calcium 8-10%, Phosphorus Min. 7%, Sodium Chloride (Salt) 11-13%, Potassium Min. .14%, Magnesium 2.5%, Copper 2826 PPM, Zinc 8951 PPM, Selenium 36 PPM.

  • Forth Seed Mineral

    Forth Seed’s Mineral is a mineral, designed to maximize antler growth. We use only the highest quality ingredients which are proven by their ability to attract and maximize antler growth. Our minerals contain the finest trace minerals chelated to amino acids to increase absorption and bioavailability, producing enhanced growth, development and antler growth.


  • Rack Max Squared

    Rack Max is a Deer feed supplement, providing protein and energy during periods of increased hunting pressure. Rack Max is especially productive during the reproductive stress of the pre-rut, rut and post-rut troll- ing phases of the reproductive cycle.

  • Rack Max

    Rack Max is a feed supplement, designed to provide complete health to your entire deer herd while enhance antler growth. Rack Max is a  nutritionally sound product that uses only the finest ingredients which are proven by their ability to attract and maintain the overall health of your Deer herd. Rack Max contains trace minerals combined with vitamin packs and chelated amino acids to increase milk production and bolster the immune system, thus enhancing growth, development and antler formation. Rack Max contains digestible fiber providing energy without the depres- sion in forage digestion, that occurs in starch based feed supplements.

Food Plot Blends

  • Ultimate Screen

    Is a mix of 7 difference annual seeds that has the potential to grow 13 feet tall. The genetics in this blend allow for this screen to be more durable than Egyptian wheat during winter months.  The screen has many uses such as a barrier from roads, access points to stands or blinds, and funnels to your favorite stand.
  • Winter Max

    Provides deer with best annual foliage available.  Max is a blend of our most popular brassicas which mature at different rates and provides highly palatable foliage for the entire life of the food plot.  Winter Max includes: Purple top turnips, rape, kale and major sweede.


  • Winter Mix

    Provides a complete season of deer nutrition.  Deer love to graze on the sugar beets early and then move to the brassica bulbs later in the season.  This blend provide a diverse mixture of bulbs which includes: purple top turnips, Sugar Beets, and Rape.
  • Graveyard Blend

    This is your hot spot for the hunting season.  The certified sweet oats and winter peas blend with every popular Ground Hog Radish, makes this plot the difference maker when hunting those giant bucks.

    Protein content 25% drought tolerance moderate optimum soil ph 6-7 planting depth 1/2 in planting dates March-June and August- November

  • The Ranch Blend

    The Ranch Blend is a blend of drought tolerant seeds that perform well with heavy grazing. Forth Seed Company’s The Ranch Blend is a mix of cowpeas, lab lab, alfalfa, and vetch. This product ensures maximal nutrition during periods of heat stress.. Widely adapted to lighter soils.

  • Premium Brassica Blend

    Premium Brassica Blend is a blend of rape, kale, purple top turnips and annual clover. Forth Seed Company’s Brassica Blend was designed for outstanding attraction, growth and palatability during your fall and winter months. Once the first freeze occurs, the brassica starches are converted to sugars, providing maximal attraction, and nutrition on your hunting property.  Brassica Blend grows best in soils with adequate nitrogen and moisture.

  • High Roller Blend

    High Roller is a blend of premium wheat and  certified Jerry oats designed to provide a tremendous fall growth for nutrition and attraction. Forth Seed Company’s High Roller was designed to meet the high seasonal demand that occurs as your herd prepares for the breeding season and winter months that lie ahead. High Roller grows well in most soil types but prefers well-drained light to heavy soils.

  • High & Dry Blend

    High & Dry Blend is an excellent choice when your farm ground may not give you many options. Forth Seed Company’s High & Dry Blend is a high quality chicory, clover, alfalfa and vetch designed for growth and nutrition in sandy, low moisture soils. In order to provide a higher quality food plot, pH testing and fertilizer may be needed in extremely sandy soils but prefers well-drained lighter soils.

  • Hired Hand Blend

    Hired Hand Blend is the most cost effective high quality food plot seeds for your farm.  It offers you the highest quality food plots at the most cost-effective price on the market today. Forth Seed Company’s Hired Hand Blend is a blend of clovers and alfalfa designed to grow well in most soil types but prefers well- drained light to heavy soils.

  • Superior Clover Blend

    Superior Clover Blend is a blend of high quality perennial clovers with an annual clover. This blend ensures maximal growth the first year, and growth for years to come, providing a tremendous source of nutrition, protein, and attraction year-round. Superior Clover Blend provides early growth and nutrition for your herd during antler growth and development. Superior Clover Blend grows well in most soil types including low-lying moist soils but prefers well drained medium to heavy fertile soils.

  • Superior Alfalfa Blend

    Superior Alfalfa Blend is a blend of high quality alfalfas, with pH and drought tolerant varieties. Superior Alfalfa Blend provides a quality protein and nutritious alfalfa blend, for maximum attraction and palatability. Superior Alfalfa Blend grows best in well drained soils.

  • Food Plot Soil Test

    Having the proper soil pH and nutrients are critical to successful food plot establishment. When ordered, instuctions and an information form to submit soil samples will be emailed to you. You will receive results and expert recommendations within 5 business days after we receive your samples.

Straight Seed

  • Sorghum

    Sweet sorghum and treated sorghum available to design a late season browsing food plot and great bedding cover throughout the fall.

  • Soy Beans & Corn

    Forth Seed Company also has available conventional and Round-Up ready corn, soybeans, and sorghum for your food plot needs.